Bring on Marriage Equality!!!

I’ve created this blog because I became obsessed with wedding blogs in the lead up to our wedding. I then quickly realised that Australian LGBTQI  people have no space to share their wedding/commitment ceremony stories and photos to inspire our community, and so I decided to be open about my life and support marriage equality in sharing our wedding with you all.

My smoking hot wife Tan and I got hitched on Friday 9th March 2012! Some people questioning why we wanted to do this? Mostly because it’s not legal in Australia!… But to us, it not being legally recognised didn’t mean it wasn’t REAL! Falling in love and wanting to grow old with someone is the same in any relationship – gay, straight, whatever… we all want the same thing, LOVE & COMMITMENT!

There will be many more photos of our wedding to come, so hang tight!

Please contact me if you would like to post your wedding or engagement photo’s on my site. I would love to see and have everyone else see your special day.

4 thoughts on “Bring on Marriage Equality!!!

  1. Thomas Ferreira says:

    I believe in the “traditional family”. My wife and I have three boys. I used to be very homophobic until my wife posed this question to me. She said “What would you do if your child, that you say you love so much, told you he was gay?” After a few rude comments, I thought to myself. What would I do? Eventually, I realized that I would still love my child, even though I may not be very accepting of their choice. That was almost 17 years ago. My oldest son is getting ready to go to college. I would like to think that I have grown sinice then. After seeing so many beautiful people go through soo much pain and anguish because of ignorant people like myself…. It is impossible to understand why people feel the way they do about alternative lifestyles. I have made it a point to support anyone’s lifestyle choices. Furthermore, I am very proud that my president, President Obama, has had a change of heart about supporting the same sex marriage issue. I didn’t like that he will allow each state to determine for itself it they will or will not recognize same sex marriages. That is another issue to solve on another day.
    Your wedding is very beautiful and everyone appears to be so happy for both of you. God bless and I wish you a happy joy filled marriage. The world is NOT a better place everytime someone bashes gay, lesbian, transgender FOR BEING THEMSELVES. Good Journey!

  2. Sheree Renshaw says:

    I love your blog and everything about your wedding. I’m from Newcastle. I met my beautiful girl on Instagram and after almost a year and trips back and forth, I am finally off in 35 days to pick her and her puppy up from USA and bring her home to Australia forever. We can’t wait to get married.

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