Our Wedding – Tan & Cushla

March 9th 2012 – The day I married the woman I love.

The endless amounts of love and happy tears shared with all our friends and family made for a perfect day! It was everything I could have dreamed for, topped off with blue skies, a pink sunset, and full moon. This made it feel even more magical.
We chose our venue as we loved the idea of a barn wedding, blue-grass band, and lots of vintage touches! Belgenny Farm in Camden, NSW, was the perfect location. There were so many rustic old barns to explore, with plenty of stunning backdrops for our ceremony overlooking a vineyard. As I walked down the isle with my dad, Tan had secretly asked our friend Lucy to sing ‘Let’s Stay Together’, playing her ukelele. It was beautiful and so unexpected. My girl’s a true romantic.
We love sweets (who doesn’t right?) and cake so we had a table set up with lots of vegan sweets and cakes for our guests to enjoy. Our wedding cake was a vegan chocolate mud cake layered with vegan cream cheese, and the meals alternated between vegan and vegetarian choices.
My mum, being a very talented florist, made everything look beautiful. She went above and beyond, from the bouquets to the little flower arrangements on sweets table… AMAZING!
It was by far the best day of our lives.





33 thoughts on “Our Wedding – Tan & Cushla

  1. Carley Marie Hollis (@thisgirl32) says:

    I just wanted to thank you guys for putting these pictures of your wedding up here. Whilst my girl and I aren’t engaged (yet…) we have talked a lot about getting married and I know she really doesn’t want to wear a dress, but she still wants a quirky and fun outfit. Anyway, it’s obvious you and your friends and family had a wonderful day and you both looked amazing. Thanks again.



    • Two Birds Nest says:

      Hey Carley! Thank you for your comment! Its great to hear some feedback. If you ever need wedding advise please feel free to send me an email :-) I hope you get married! I love LOVE! x

  2. Tegan says:

    You guys are amazing… what a gorgeous wedding. Congratulations to you both – I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  3. Bill says:

    What a beautiful wedding – Congratulations to you both!! My partner and I are getting married in October and were wondering where you purchased such stunning invitations?? :-)

    • Two Birds Nest says:

      Hello! Thank you :-) My wife and I made our own invitations, it took us about 2 weeks of blood sweat and tears until we had them ready to send, it was quite the project! But it was worth it in the end as all our guests loved them! Cx

  4. Sez says:

    Hi guys. What lovely pictures. I’ve recently proposed and we got around 2years planning time; to squeeze in the diy and craft jobs… I love your outfit!! Forgive me but you don’t look dyky. I to am gonna have male and female best people… And wanted to make us simular but not all the same.. And I am not wearing a dress.. Ha where did you shop. All the photos look classy and funky x

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