Natalie & Amanda’s Wedding!

Amanda and Natalie were married in Vancouver, Canada on the 12th June 2013.
The two love birds invited 22 of their closest friends and family to share the trip and travel from their home in Sydney, Australia, to join them in celebrating their love on their very special day.
They bravely planned the whole wedding from Sydney using an amazing wedding planner Erin Bishop from Filosophi, who is based in Vancouver. Erin made Natalie and Amanda’s visions and dreams a reality, and ended up creating an intimate and elegant wedding.
I spoke with Amanda when they first arrived home from their honeymoon and she couldn’t stop gushing over Natalie’s dress and beauty. There is absolutely no denying that these two are meant to be together. Love beyond words.
Congratulations! Xxx
The beautiful photographs were captured by the very talented Jamie at Jamie Lauren Photography. Their rings were designed by Nadia from Mondial in Sydney.

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