I’m Cushla! I created this blog after my own wedding, which was back in March 2012. During the planning of our wedding I felt the LGBTQI community of Australia and New Zealand was lacking wedding inspiration.

I wanted to create an online space to fix that! My aim is to make same-sex wedding’s just as important and seen as the hundreds of heterosexual wedding magazines and blogs online.

I also have a huge passion for beautiful weddings and stories of people in love which also motivates me to keep Two Birds Nest alive and growing.

I added the rainbow families section partly because I have a child myself but also I’ve noticed the growing number of same-sex parents gushing over their little bundles of joy, I felt this love needed to be seen and shared.

And last but not least I’m also a columnist for LOTL, Australia’s leading national magazine for queer, bi-sexual and lesbian women.

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