Lauren & Emily

Hello lovelies! I’m sorry there has been long break between posts… But now I’m BACK! I really missed my blog and sharing the love with you all.

Congratulations to Lauren & Emily! And thank you Lara Hotz for allowing me to share their absolutely breathtaking wedding!

The girls clearly put in some serious craft time! It’s beautifully styled. I love all the small details that make this wedding so sweet and personal.

Photographed by the amazingly talented Lara Hotz Photography at Belgenny Farm, Camden NSW (Tan & I also got married here… very good venue choice! These photos make me want to do it all again.)

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– Lauren Dress: Aussie Brides Dee Why –
– Lauren Veil / hair piece: DIY Lauren’s Mum
– Shoes: Betts
– Flowers: Alison McGowan –
– Rings: Steven James
– Jewellery: Thomas Sabo
– Emily Dress: Etsy – site is now closed
– Emily hair piece: Paige Jones
– Shoes: Forever New
– Flowers: Alison McGowan
– Rings: Steven James
– Jewellery: Thomas Sabo & Steven James
– Bridesmaids dresses: Mackenzie Mode
– Groomsmen suits / shirts: Marcs
– Bow ties / ties: Marcs
– ceremony venue: Belgenny Farm
– reception venue: Belgenny Farm
– catering: Belgenny Farm
– cake: Emily’s Mum
– reception stylist / any decorations / details: Part DIY & Fresh Creative Styling
– stationery designer: DIY – printed with vista print and all hand painting, book roses and ideas own
– Hair and Make up: Niki Simpson
– Music: Press Club Band
– celebrant: Elizabeth Trevan
– Transport: Audi – Emily
Videographer – Light noise Films
Bentwood chair hire – Your Event Solution

Nat & Amy’s Wedding

This story is especially dreamy! For so many reasons!

3G7A0812 crop

Nat and Amy had their perfect day on the 23rd of March 2013, at the beautiful Middlebrook Estate in McLaren Vale, South Australia.

The lovebirds were walked down the isle by their proud dad’s, where they were joined by 100 of their closest family and friends. And here’s my favourite part! At the exact moment that they were walked down the isle, everyone noticed that the cloud above them had formed to shape the perfect little love heart. Talk about amazing!

Nat had arranged a little special something for Amy, too. She wrote and sang the song for their first dance, having it professionally recorded prior to the wedding. Needless to say, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Knowing that they were the only two people on earth to dance to this song made their first dance really unique.

After the wedding cake, their guests enjoyed a fondue fountain, which had every fruit and confectionery one could think of to dip into the silky Belgian chocolate flowing over 5 tiers. They were then driven to their weekend accommodation in the actual 1985 Silver Cadillac stretch limousine featured in the film ‘Pretty Woman’.

These lovebirds say that entire wedding experience was “…everything we ever could have hoped for, from the initial planning, to the day, to the honeymoon and beyond. Surrounded by so much love and support just made our day so wonderful and we will never ever forget it.”

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Donna & Monique’s big day!

Donna & Monique celebrated their special day of commitment with an intimate wedding in Sydney with their closest friends and family. Congratulations to you both, you are a gorgeous couple! x

“Monique and I met four and a half years ago on The Pink Sofa (a lesbian online dating site). After exchanging emails and phone numbers we arranged to meet. Monique and I had an instant attraction and from that first meeting we barely spent a night apart.

Monique proposed on our second anniversary with a beautiful diamond ring in a glass of Moet. I happily accepted! The date was set and the planning began! Finally the big day arrived… we were planning for a beautiful garden wedding at Victoria Park in Newtown. Unfortunately the weather had other plans with torrential rain from 3am. Monique turned into Bridezilla! Plans were changed and the ceremony would now take place in our reception venue Rubyos Restaurant in Newtown.

As we were getting ready in the gorgeous Westin Hotel in Martin Place, our amazing photographer Donna-Maree Collins (Bella Figlia Photography) suggested we do all of our photos there.

It was a beautiful day spent with dear family and friends.” – Donna


Theresa & Shar’s Civil Union

Today is a very exciting day for me! My first New Zealand wedding!!! And to top it off, it was held in the area that I was born! It’s funny actually. I was admiring this venue for my own wedding when we were considering traveling to New Zealand to have our ceremony there… and if we had decided to travel, this would have definitely been the venue! I love it!

A huge thank you to Kathryn Wilson Photography for these beautiful photos!

Theresa and Sharleen held their civil union ceremony on a beautiful Wairarapa day at Tarureka Estate in Featherston.


Where did you two meet? “Shar and I met at our hall of residence in our first week at Otago University,” says Theresa. “We became friends almost instantaneously, but it took quite a lot of pursuing for me to convince Shar to date me.”

How about the proposal?: “We had known each other for about five years before Shar thought I was about to propose so went out of her way to beat me to it,” says Theresa. “I did in fact have big plans for proposing to her, but her proposing to me was way better! We had been out in Wellington to meet up with a friend then Shar insisted on taking me out for dinner. After the dinner we were walking along the waterfront – it was a surprisingly stunning Wellington evening, heading to the train station, when Shar stopped me, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry her.”

Describe your wedding day: “On the big day Shar and I got ready separately with the help of our respective bridesmates. We had our bridal party photos before the ceremony, then the ceremony began at 3pm. We entered to Shaniah Twain’s From This Moment, had a wee giggle as we signed the register to Gin Wigmore’s Oh My, and exited to Seal’s Like A Kiss From A Rose. After the ceremony we had the cutting of the cake, bubbles and canapés, and wonderful catch-up time with our friends and family. We then progressed to the reception, had amazing meals made by Guten Appetit Catering, and speeches from the father of the bride, the bride, the bridal party, the father of the bride, the bride, and the bridal party. Afterwards we all headed downstairs for dessert, more drinks, and the first dance, which was to Kiss’ Forever, and then the party started!”

What did you both wear? “Shar wore a beautiful traditional sari of red, white and gold. My dress was a white halter-neck from Astra Bridal, with red beading added to the bodice detail to match with the colour of Shar’s sari.”

The flowers? “The bouquets and button-holes were actually artificial and made by my very talented sister Christine. We hope to treasure those bouquets forever.”

Highlight of the wedding? “The highlight of the wedding, for me, was the ceremony itself,” says Theresa. “The weather was stunning, our celebrant – Dawn McCallum – was perfect, and Shar’s vows took my breath away.”


Kate & Amanda’s Wedding

I love this wedding! It’s classic, stylish and jam packed full of love!

Kate and Amanda celebrated their special day at Goona Warra Vineyard, in Sunbury Victoria. The majestic Great Hall, entered by a grand staircase from the Cellar below, oozes with classic vintage romance and with it’s 17 acres of picturesque vineyards and landscaped gardens created a beautiful backdrop.

Kate looks as though she’s stepped straight out of a 1940’s film with her finger waved hair and ivory laced gown. And I love that Amanda has also gone with a classic and well tailored suit. Together they make for a very stylish femme fatale and partner in crime team, especially arriving in a gorgeous classic Austin taxi cab Sedan.

Congratulations to Kate & Amanda! And a big thank you to Iain Sim for these beautiful pictures.